The journal Networks and Neighbours (N&N), from 2013 to 2016, was dedicated to the global study of late antiquity and the early middle ages. It was a central voice of the eponymous international project, and a fantastic space to establish innovative and sustainable dialogues between emerging and senior scholars from around the world. The journal was double-blind, peer-reviewed, entirely independent, and no-fees open-access (that is, free for everyone, which it still is), and helped to establish N&N’s international presence.

The meta-national, extra-institutional, and critical intellectual spirit that embodied the journal continue to define N&N the [free, open, non-profit and environmentally aware] project, as N&N moves into its next phase of development. The journal, as such, is closed, but, thanks to its success and the hard work of all of those that were involved in it, N&N is now on to expanded publishing endeavours.

This website is meant as a permanent space to house the former N&N journal. For new N&N publications and to connect to our upcoming activities see our N&N project website, and our academia page.

ISSN 2372-4889

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